Harbor Hospice  

Hospice Volunteers


Our Harbor Hospice Volunteer Program provides a special kind of caring and compassion for our terminally-ill patients and their families. Each day, our volunteers will make a difference in the lives a so many people. In order to improve the quality of life for our patients, volunteers can assist with: reading to a patient, holding a patients hand, staying with a patient while family members take a needed break of keep an appointment, shopping or doing errands for a patient, simply listen to a patient, light household chores, working on crafts and other projects, clerical or other office duties, and much more.


Roxie Castilaw, Harbor volunteer in Livingston, Texas says “My favorite thing (about volunteering) is seeing the smiles on their faces. Knowing how appreciative they are of the small things I do for them. Making them happy in their last days make my heart happy!”


Harbor Hospice was founded in 2005 by Dr. Qamar Arfeen in Beaumont, Texas. If you are interested in becoming a Harbor Hospice volunteer, visit www.harborhospice.com/volunteers.