Diagnostic Group  

DG Healthfit Membership Program


Diagnostic Group has recently launched a Healthfit Membership Program in Beaumont, Texas. This Healthfit Membership includes access to over twenty five work out machines and tools, self-guided exercise regiments and plans, and a readily available oxygen supply (if needed). You will also have access to medical staff for assistance and tips. This program aims to improve your overall health by reducing breathlessness, gaining strength, and improving the quality of your life. It will also work to reduce hospitalizations by maintaining the results of our Pulmonary Rehab Program. The Healthfit Membership Program is $28 a month for 2 sessions per week, or $38 a month for 3 sessions per week. For more information, visit dgihcs.com or call (409)-813-1677.


Diagnostic Group offers all the major components of primary care with convenient locations throughout Southeast Texas. Chief Executive Officer of Diagnostic Group, Dr. Qamar Arfeen. Our clinic's provide a wide range of annual physicals and medical screenings. Our physicians specialize in the management of chronic diseases and conditions such as diabetes, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and high blood pressure. All physicians are certified and have advanced training in their fields. Our physician staff is complemented by a team of highly trained nurse practitioners, registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses, and medical staff.


Harbor Hospice is dedicated to providing care and comfort to a terminally ill patient and their family. Harbor provides the highest quality of care possible by employing a team of healthcare professionals to administer comfort and supportive care to individuals. Founded by Dr. Qamar Arfeen in 2005, Harbor Hospice has grown to over 50 locations across 5 states. Harbor Hospice admits patients without regard for race, religion, national origin, ancestry, marital status, disability, sex or sexual preference. The admission criteria does not deny admission or service to people with communicable diseases including, but not limited to HIV, MRSA, and Hepatitis B